This is heartbreaking - you're not alone

This card features the words "This is heartbreaking. You're not alone." with a bouquet of violet, teal, and pink flowers. This card was written based on a great deal of customer feedback. People struggling with grief or heartbreak reported needing a community of support during these seasons. This card is intended to acknowledge a difficult circumstance, and offer the encouragement of togetherness. This card is intended for any kind of loss or heartbreak: miscarriage, the death of a friend or family member, divorce, a cancer diagnosis. 

Card size: A2 (4 1/4" x 5 1/2") 

Includes: One card with one cotton candy pink envelope

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Love all her products! Colors and artwork are perfection!

Kelsey B
Perfect card for a grieving friend!

Sommer Letter Co. has great cards to send friends who are walking through grief. I love this card because it addresses grief in a way that isn’t trite or dismissive. Plus, the card is also just really beautiful 😍

Nicole Moore

Set of 6 Thank you peonies cards

Vanda Morgan
Love the Cards!!!

In the kind of world we are living in right now, it is always comforting to send an upbeat message to friends and family. These cards are not only beautiful but the messages are sweet. I'm glad I found Sommer Letter Co.

Valerie Webb
Stands out from all the other Wedding Cards out there.

For me I love how this card has such a beautiful, elegant, hand made design to it. I think it really stands out from all the other Hallmark cards that a bride & groom will receive on their special day.


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