Snail Mail Kit for Christmas

There's nothing more nostalgic than a handwritten Christmas card. This kit contains all the holiday magic of years gone by, including vintage stamps for you to use! 

This snail mail kit includes: 

  • 5 holiday cards with envelopes (as pictured)
  • 5 variety packets of unused vintage USPS holiday stamps. Each packet contains enough postage to mail a 1 ounce letter.
  • A Scotch permanent glue stick to adhere postage


  • Can I really use these vintage stamps? Yes! Be sure to use all the stamps from one packet; postage must total 55 cents for a 1 oz letter
  • Can I just lick the stamps? Some vintage stamps do not have strong enough adhesive to remain secure during transit. I strongly suggest using the included glue stick.
  • Which stamps will I get? Each snail mail kit includes 5 packets of stamps. Each packet will vary; some examples are pictured.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Upstate SC
Simply Beautiful

These cards looked even better in person! Kyle is creative, talented and responsive to my concerns. These cards will help keep up the spirits of those who receive them. Keep up the superb job, Kyle! :)

Ellen Miller
Send a Bouquet with Your Note

I am so happy to share a bouquet when I send a note. These bouquets are artistically designed, sending a note to its receiver that "you are special." I feel so good sharing these note cards with not only people I know and love, but also with those I would like to get to know better and to show simply that I care! Thanks, Kyle!

Ashley Rhinehart

Love these products!

Ashley Edwards
Perfect Vessel for Personalized Greetings

This year I’m hoping to send fewer, more intentional greeting cards with hand written and personalized messages. This set is perfect - the cards are incredibly well made and the artwork is stunning. The vintage stamps add the perfect touch to the sentiment I hope to share. I cannot get enough of Kyle’s talent - both her artwork and her eye for designing cards that are beautiful and personal. I am a customer for life - will buy again!


One of my goals this year has been to build up a card collection, so that I have cards on hand for all occasions. I placed my first order with Kyle and I am so impressed with how beautiful and well done these cards are. Not only that, but the personalization and care put into my order was top notch! I look forward to being a regular customer and ordering more in the future!


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