My favorite shops to get vintage holiday stamps for Christmas cards!

December 08, 2017

My favorite shops to get vintage holiday stamps for Christmas cards!

I have a special place in my heart for Christmas cards. Top them with adorable vintage stamps, and I'm OBSESSED. I thought I would share my favorite online shops where you can get vintage stamps for some of your holiday cards! 

First up: Treasure Fox on Etsy.

My absolute favorite set is the trio pictured below

Vintage postage stamp set by Treasure Fox on Etsy

They also have a ton of other curated sets.  This particular set is currently $13 for 10 sets of stamps, which breaks down to only $1.30 per envelope! Keep in mind that with vintage stamps, you're going to pay more than the original price of the postage (a 22 cent stamp might sell for, say, 75 cents.) If you do a little shopping around, you'll see what great prices this shop has! I can't recommend them enough. 

Another outstanding Etsy shop is Vintage Postage Shop

My favorite set from this shop is called The Christmas set (pictured below!). It retails for $7.25 and includes 21 different stamps so you can mix and match at will. I love the variety of colors and images on these stamps. 

The Christmas Set curated stamps by Vintage Postage Shop


Lastly, I really like Gubba Gumma Postage on Etsy. 

They also offer curated sets, but if you'd like to design your own, they also have tons of styles you can purchase separately. I can't help but think how perfectly this pinecone stamp would go with my Peace on Earth Pinecones cards!! 

Vintage stamp from Gubba Gumma and card from Sommer Letter Co.

Another favorite is this stamp with children sledding. I would pair it with my Joy to the World! card. I can just picture the kids marching from their sled into the snowy home pictured on the card. So much childhood nostalgia! 

Children sledding postage stamp from Gubba Gumma and Joy to the World Christmas card from Sommer Letter Co.

Hopefully that gives you some ideas of where you can find cute stamps to go with your holiday cards!! I've got to finish mine up in the next week or so. 





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